Monday, September 14, 2009

Updates for the Philippine Presidency on Stamps Site

The new Cory Aquino and Gloria Arroyo stamps are the reasons why I have to spend a few more hours in my pc. There is a need to update the Philippine Presidency On Stamps site with the issuance of these two issues.

The latest Gloria Arroyo stamp was released on August 3, 2009 while the Cory Aquino stamps came out on September 8, 2009.

I have to redo the main page too. The "Selyo At Kasaysayan 2009.. A Tribute To Cory Aquino" exhibit teaser had to be added together with the new group pictures of Cebu Stamp Club members. For the latter, a mouse over effect will be included to save on space. A new slide show had to be made with the inclusion of the logos of Stradcom Corporation and Himlayang Pilipino Plans, Inc.

Hopefully by Wednesday, the new updates will be uploaded and published. Check out the site by clicking here.

The Philippine Presidency On Stamps is an interactive website that features all the stamps of the Philippine Presidents from Emilio Aguinaldo to the incumbent chief executive, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The stamps are from my Philippine Presidents collection.

The site also includes the presidential seal and banner of every president. Their signatures, photos, videos, and informative data make it more interesting.

This is the one of the best websites I have done and it really took a lot of my time conceptualizing, designing and creating it.

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