Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stamps Energize Me! (re-published)

I was checking my friendster account when I stumbled on a blog I did a year ago. I kinda like what I wrote in that blog in FS so I am re-publishing it here. So here goes...

"It is six minutes to 5:00 AM but I am still wide awake. Earlier, I found out that the Cebu Stamp Club official website at http://cebustampclub.tripod.com is now the 23rd most viewed stamp organization site ranked by Google. Knowing that all the hard work and the sleepless nights have paid off gave me a sense of fulfillment and excitement.

Founding the club and managing it as well as being its webmaster, editor and writer is no joke. I can't imagine how I got all this energy and enthusiasm to go on.

The passion I have for philately and the active promotion of the stamp collecting hobby energizes me. Yes, stamps energize me. It made me who I am.

I recall an old friend who once told me that he loves to lick the back part of a stamp before mounting it on his album pages. He never uses water on a container but prefers to give his personal signature in each of the stamps he mounts by means of his saliva. Doing so gives him a natural high.

There are many stories I know about stamps energizing people. I have seen members who stay wide awake during the mountings and setting up of our stamp exhibits in malls. They don't even get paid a single cent by doing so. Full of energy and enthusiasm, they happily volunteer and do it for the love of the hobby.

At this moment, I am transported back in time when I first began collecting stamps. I can still feel the joy and excitement whenever a new stamp comes my way. Oh, what a feeling!

Later today, I will be bidding a sought after Philippine Commonwealth set in Ebay. Just thinking of having it in my collection contributes to my feeling of restlessness.."

The photo above is my mint United Nations year album featuring New York, Geneva and Vienna stamp issues.

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