Friday, September 11, 2009

My Hobby Buddy

When I started the hobby of collecting stamps, Star Wars, Justice League and die cast cars, I was practically collecting alone.

It was just me accumulating things to satisfy my interest. My older son and daughter never bothered to check the things I collect. Maybe they were just not interested.

In 2004, a new baby came into the family. At the age of one, Jerald Kervin showed an interest and loves to tinker with my action figures. That's when I realized that he is the one I have been waiting for.. my hobby buddy.

He enjoys playing with my Star Wars items. I couldn't imagine my boxes being opened and played but I opened it for him and we play the toys together. He likes stamps too and has an album filled with dinosaurs.

I am glad to have a son who is my hobby buddy. It makes collecting more enjoyable and fun!

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