Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cool German Stamps on Bulletins

It's great to have friends from different countries. Cebu Stamp Club's Edmund Gruenbaum of Germany is one of them. My friendship with Ed began in 2005 when he decided to join the club while he was in Cebu.

If we are not seeing each other during the monthly stamp meetups, we meet at SM City Cebu in some of the resto bars to talk about stamps over a bottle of beer and soda. One beer for me, Ricky Teves and Bob my brother, while Ed settles for the soda. It's quite funny because Germans love beer but Ed doesn't drink beer or any alcoholic beverages.

During his birthday last year, we travelled to far away Barili which is around 60 kms from the city just to surprise him.

In one of our meetings, Ed gave me kilowares of used German stamps on paper. Of course, I gave all of it to the members of the club to add to their collection. He also gave me a collection of German stamps on bulletins.

If the Philippines came out with bulletins with the stamp design printed on it, Germany's bulletins had the actual stamps on the bulletins with a date of issue cancellation. Those bulletins introduced me to add Germany to my collecting interest.

Photo above features a recent Cebu Stamp Club meetup from left: Edmund Gruenbaum, Eyan Yu, Richard Guimbarda, Ricky Teves, Sharee Ann Trapa, Richard Allan Uy, Kenneth Turner with wife Gina.

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