Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Star Wars Early Bird Action Figure Kit

I love the quality of the sculpt of the Early Bird figures I recently got. The figures look great and they were made to capture the nostalgia of the pioneer Star Wars figures that were sold in 1977.

The retro-cool set includes Luke Skywalker with a telescoping saber, Princess Leia in her star puffs hairdo and a laser pistol that exactly looks similar to the one Carrie Fisher used in the movie, R2D2 with a rotatable head, and Chewbacca with his laser rifle and ammo belt.

The Early Bird figure collection was released by Hasbro in 2005 and is among the best Star Wars toy set. I did some research and found out that only 50,000 of these figures were made available and given for free from a mail-in offer found in the Early Bird Certificate Package.

Click here for more info on this set.

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