Monday, September 14, 2009

Posing With Tourism Secretary Ace Durano

Earlier, I was browsing through the Facebook photos of my friends when I happened to see a photo of Philippine Tourism Secretary Ace Durano with me and my Cebu Jaycees buddies during a JCI Cebu induction at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel.

I have to thank Edwin Al Cuizon, my close friend and president of the Cebu Tour Guide Association for uploading the pic in his account.

Ace Durano has done a terrific job as Secretary of the Department of Tourism. During his watch, the number of foreign tourists in the country has tremendously gone up. The more tourists arrive, the better our economy is.

Seen in the photo from left - George Lao, Emerson Galvan, Dennis Yap, Tourism Secretary Ace Durano, Edwin Al Cuizon, yours truly, and Kenneth Kabingue.

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