Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Philpost Philatelic Bulletins

Whenever a new issue is released, the Philippine Postal Corporation always comes out with a philatelic bulletin.

I had been getting a lot of these bulletins before which I immediately shared to the members of Cebu Stamp Club, Incorporated who are collecting new issues of Philippine stamps. In recent years, my allocation dwindled so I find it impossible to accomodate the members of the club.

While working on one of my websites last night, an idea crept into my mind. Why don't I feature an issue's bulletin here in my blog? And that's what I intend to do in the coming days.

The Philpost philatelic bulletin is a very informative guide to those who collect Philippine stamps. It carries interesting information about a particular issue such as: what kind of issue a stamp is, number of copies being printed and its denomination, the artist or designer of the stamp, size of the stamp, name of printer, and a lot more.

My thanks to the Philippine Postal Corporation for sending me these bulletins since 1996.

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