Sunday, September 13, 2009

ABS-CBN's "MagTV Na" Highlights Stamps and Star Wars

It's a very exciting Sunday for me and the whole family. Today is the day that ABS-CBN Cebu's "MagTV Na" show airs the segment featuring my stamps and Star Wars items.

At 10:45am, the show started airing. The first segment shows my childhood neighbor Joseph Kimseng with his vast collection of Coca Cola items, die cast airplanes along with his daughter Mary's collection and his wife's one million peso Barbie Doll collection.

Joseph's house is right across ours when we were kids. Me and my siblings used to be invited to their house whenever his parents threw a party. His mom, whom we fondly called Lola Angging and my grandmother Carmen were best friends. His mom was the godmother of my younger sister Cathy, who now works as a dean at the University of San Jose Recoletos. Both me and Joseph go to the same Jesuit school here in Cebu. He was one or two years ahead of me at Sacred Heart School for Boys.

Back to "MagTV Na", the segment that featured my collections began later. I never thought that the show would feature my son Kervin too.

Working with Mark Mayol, the segment producer almost everyday after the video shoot really paid off. An hour or two before lunch these past days, Mark would call me to request additional materials for the segment's animation. In a few minutes, what he needed were sent to his email.

The result was fabulous! Congratulations to MagTV Na's hosts and crew for a well conceptualized and great episode. My sincere thanks too to my friends, relatives and acquaintances who texted, emailed, and called just to let me know they were watching.

Photo above is from MagTV Na's multiply site featuring hosts Blinky, Erwin, and Mommy Tikay. Click here to visit the site.

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