Monday, September 21, 2009

Remembering Martial Law

September 21, 1972 was the day when President Ferdinand E. Marcos issued Proclamation No. 1081 placing the entire Philippines under Martial Law.

All the members of the opposition including Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., students, journalists, and activists were arrested by the military. Around 30,000 were detained.

Newspapers were shut down and the media was controlled. Marcos even closed Congress and took over its legislative powers and responsibilities.

The people suffered during those years. There was no freedom nor democracy. The rights of the Filipino were curtailed.

It took a Ninoy Aquino to reawaken the Filipinos. His death encouraged Cory Aquino to stand against Marcos in a snap election that would see the end of the Marcos dictatorship though the peaceful revolution called People Power.

Let us always be vigilant in guarding our freedom and democracy and let the spirit of EDSA 1 always live in our hearts.

Stamps above feature Marcos during the martial law years.

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