Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Treat for My Lil' Filmmaker

The night before, me and Jerald Kervin agreed to go to church at 9:45 AM for the Enlish Mass service. Although we woke up early, we run short for time. With this shortcoming, we decided to attend the 10:45 AM Cebuano service at our favorite Mabolo Church (St. Joseph Patriarch Parish).

Immediately after the Mass, we went to SM City Cebu to have lunch. At the mall, we passed by several restaurants overflowing with people. Knowing that there won't be any seat available for us, I was resigned to have lunch somewhere else. Jerald pleaded that we go upstairs at the upper level to try the Jollibee branch. Lucky for us, there was just one table available. 

After the sumptuous lunch and knowing that it was still too early to head for home, we decided not to hunt for Easter eggs but to go on a book hunt. After more than an hour at different bookstores, I came across a book "The Complete Animation Course (The Principles, Practice, and Techniques of Successful Animation) by Chris Patmore. The 160-page book was so informative and in full color so I decided to buy it together with another book "The Camera Phonebook (How to Shoot Like a Pro)."

Jerald was so excited! As a kid filmmaker, he knows he will be learning a lot of techniques and ideas from this book. The previous months in his spare time, he animates his Lego toys through stop-motion video complete with a storyline and uploaded them in YouTube. He did this without anyone teaching him how to do it.

I see a successful filmmaker when he grows up and this present of a book is his first step in attaining his dream. 

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