Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

Today is a day for rejoicing and thanksgiving! Christ our Savior has triumphed over death by rising to prove that he is the Lord and the Son of God. He has redeemed our sins and made us whole again!

After hearing Mass at the Mabolo Church (St. Joseph Patriarch Parish), me and Jerald Kervin will spend the day at a nearby mall to celebrate this day of a new beginning and a new life.

The stamp I featured here was issued on March 21, 2011 by the Vatican Post to celebrate Easter 2011. With a € 0.75  denomination, the design highlights the central moment of the mission of salvation of our redeemer Jesus Christ. This design can be seen in a detail of a wall mural at the main entrance of the Sistine Chapel. 

The fresco is probably one of the least known of the Sistine Chapel and is a work by Flemish painter Hendrick van den Broeck. This is a copy based from an original work by Ghirlandaio which was destroyed in 1522 after the door frame collapsed. The painting is one of the masterpieces of the 1400s together with the frescoed walls and great paintings of Michelangelo.  

Happy Easter everyone!

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