Thursday, August 13, 2009

Star Wars: My Obsession

Collecting Star Wars items has always been a challenge for me. I collect anything that is Star Wars!

I still remember the first Star Wars memorabilia I had that include movie posters and promotional pictures. Of course, I got this from our moviehouse in 1977. I also had a large comic book of “The Empire Strikes Back” and a Marvel issue of the movie. It was in the late 90s that I started buying Star Wars items.

Presently, my Star Wars collection has grown, and it includes books published by Bantam, DelRey, Scholastic, Skylark and even Lucas Books. I have SW mugs, post cards, calendars, posters, videos, magazines and trading cards, and more than a handred action figures and vehicles. Lucky for me, I was able to get hold of the Star Wars stamps a few days after they were released by the US Postal Service in May 25, 2007. To date, Ebay sellers are selling this for Php 1000.00 per sheet.

What occupies me lately is the completion of my Star Wars Japan Pepsi Cola bottle caps collection. Just last month, I was able to complete Episode I which has 52 figures and Episode II which also comes with 52 figures. My Episode III composed of 60 figures still lacks 11 pieces. I see myself like a treasure hunter hunting for a long lost treasure. In due time, I believe I will be able to complete what's lacking. In my future blogs, I will be featuring these beautiful bottle cap figures.

Looking at my collection, I see myself transported to a galaxy far, far, away...

Click here for Sun Star Daily Cebu's article featuring my collections.

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