Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making a Tribute to Cory Aquino Using Stamps

It is almost August 27 but I haven't started the main exhibit pages for the "Selyo At Kasaysayan 2009... A Tribute to Cory Aquino" as of last night. Knowing that it is crunch time, I had to wake up early this morning and began working on the 8-page exhibit. Cory and Ninoy stamps, first day covers and references were scattered all over my work table. After creating the layout and the text in my PC, I came out with the printed pages and mounted the stamps and the FDCs. Finally, I am done with it!

All the materials are now set for Thursday's event. The award winning "Las Islas Filipinas", a 64-page philatelic essay on the history of the Philippines has been prepared months before together with the 40-page "Philippine Presidents on Stamps". Other collections include "The Tres de Abril Stamp" (8 pages), "Philippine Heroes in Masonry" (16 pages), "Rizal, Bonifacio and Aguinaldo.. A Tale of Three Heroes" (16 pages) and a lot more.

The "Tribute to Cory Aquino" collection is a short essay on how Cory became the icon of democracy. It includes a page where Ninoy Aquino's poem "I Have Fallen In Love" was featured. He dedicated the poem to Cory and was made into a song by Filipino balladeer Jose Marie Chan.

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