Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Grandfather and My Guerrilla Stamp

After years of collecting stamps, I was able to acquire a most treasured mint label that is known as the Guerrilla stamp of 1943. It was printed in Australia for the use of the resistance forces in Mindanao, some say that it is considered as one of the most expensive labels owing to the fact that the mere possession of the stamp during that time means automatic execution by the Japanese soldiers. The guerrillas have to dispose the envelopes bearing the stamps so as to avoid detection. This makes the stamp more hard to find nowadays.

Months ago, a cousin informed me that she has some documents owned by my late grandfather Paulino Neri Baz. As I browsed through my grandpa's things, I was excited to find an identification card and his guerrilla i.d.

Knowing that my grandpa was once a guerrilla member gave a new meaning to the guerrilla stamp I own. This also led me to complete my mint Japanese Occupation stamps!

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