Saturday, August 15, 2009

Darna Flies Again But Landed Earlier On Stamps!

Darna, a comic book super heroine created by Mars Ravelo first appeared as Varga in 1947 in Bulaklak magazine. Owing to some differences with the editors of Bulaklak magazine, Ravelo relaunched the character in 1950 in Pilipino Komiks. The name "Varga" was changed to "Darna".

This August, Darna flies anew in Philippine television with actress Marian Rivera playing the role of the famous heroine. I just read that GMA 7's pilot episode of the new series got a high viewership. Angel Locsin who earllier played the role of Darna got high ratings too.

While everyone is talking about Marian's Darna outfit, I saw myself browsing through my collections to view again the Darna stamps released by Philpost on November 15, 2004. Who would ever thought that Darna would land in our stamps?

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