Friday, May 9, 2014

Today in Philippine History: Gregoria de Jesus

MAY 9, 1875
Gregoria “Oriang” de Jesus  (May 9, 1875 – March 15, 1943) was born in Caloocan. At 18, she married the Katipunan Supremo Andres Bonifacio at the Binondo Church in 1893. A week later, they were were married again in a Katipunan ceremony and that same night, the Women’s Chapter of the Katipunan was created with her as vice president and custodian of all Katipunan documents. She used the Katipunan name “Lakambini” and together with Benita Javier sewed the red Katipunan flag. After the death of Bonifacio in 1897, Oriang married Julio Nakpil.

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