Sunday, May 4, 2014

Making the Today in Philippine History (Philatelic Edition)

Making the installments of Today in Philippine History (Philatelic Edition), a first-of-its kind way of sharing history every day using stamps is no joke. Lots of research from different historical sources have to be to done to make sure that the info I write are accurate as they can be. I have learned that the internet information from different sources do have discrepancies in dates and information. 

The next process is finding the right photos and the corresponding stamps in each article. It takes an hour for me to finish one installment while others may take as long as 2 hours and 3 at the most.. but I don't mind. This is my simple way of sharing our rich history and promoting the hobby of stamp collecting. 

Thanks to all who have been consistent in sharing and liking the articles for the past 3 months in Facebook. There will be more until I have completed the 365th day which will be on February 27, 2015. I would appreciate it if you LIKE my page for Cebu Stamp Club at

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