Sunday, June 4, 2017

I'm back!

It has been two years since my last post here and a lot has happened to my life since then. I am still into philately and Star Wars collecting but new life changing events have transpired that directly puts me into helping friends. I am in my Twin Flame journey at the same time sharing positivity to friends through the activated orgonite devices I share to them. 

The Today in Philippine History (Philatelic Edition) series has been revived a week ago in my personal facebook page as well as the official fb page of Cebu Stamp Club with a slight face design. The club which I founded continues to promote philately in this part of the world as well as love of country. Cebu Stamp Club celebrates 20 years this year.

Thank you everyone for visiting my page. Photo below features me and my two sons Julian and Jerald.

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