Monday, June 12, 2017

Accident On The Set

A day before today last year, while me and my son Jerald were at the set of 100 Yards, I was staring at this glass door and told myself that it is good that an "X"  was placed to prevent an accident from happening. 

In the morning, I was glad that God protected me when I totally forgot about the glass which no longer has the "X" sign! I did not notice that the door was half closed. 

On my way to hurriedly get something for Jerald from our car downstairs, I just walked directly to the glass. The sound of the impact frightened everyone especially my son who was crying all over. 

I thought that there was blood all over my face and felt relieved that there was none. God is indeed so good! A thought flashed! What if it I did not bump into the glass door and it was somebody else. God may have used me to prevent a more serious accident that would involve people in the set.

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