Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cebu Stamp Club's April 2010 Stamp Meetup

It's an exciting day today as Cebu Stamp Club members decided to hold the meetup in my house after the successful meetup in Eyan Yu's residence last month.

We were expecting only six members who had earlier confirmed but the number doubled when I fetched them at SM City Cebu. The group were advised earlier to converge in front of National Bookstore and Bo's Coffee Club at the said mall so it would be easier for me to bring them to the stamp meetup place.

Edmund Gruenbaum, Kenneth and Gina Turner, Richard Guimbarda, Sharee Ann Trapa, Dina Potolin with her daughter, Janice Benolerao, Janus BariƱan, Eyan Yu, Aileen Liwat and her son all arrived at SM City Cebu before 2pm. Three cars on convoy took us to the meetup place.

The meeting was filled with stamp exchanges, stamp and philatelic bulletin freebies, and stamp info sharings. CSCI member David Mario Blair Taylor who went back to the United Kingdom in February sent in lots of Philippine stamps that were distributed to all those in attendance.

Australian Kenneth Turner also brought along lots of stamps which were also shared to everyone. Philippine Philatelic Bulletins that arrived a week earlier from the Philippine Postal Corporation's Postal Museum and Philatelic Library were also given to the members. Julie, my better half prepared sandwiches, pastries and soda to the group.

Edmund Gruenbaum announced to everyone that he is hosting the May 2010 stamp meetup in a beach resthouse in Alcoy. This beautiful town is a 2-hour ride from Cebu City and has tourist attractions that include white beaches, coves and inlets, barrier and coral reefs, mangrove forests, verdant hills and valleys, towering mountains, and fertile farmlands in the highlands.

It's going to be a two-day meetup as Cebu Stamp Club members take the time to enjoy not only stamps but also mother nature.

Thanks to David Taylor, Ken Turner, Julie Uy and Nena of the Postal Museum and Philatelic Library for making the April 2010 Stamp Meetup a success. Thanks too to all those who came and to Sharee Ann Trapa who provided me with the photos.

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