Wednesday, October 7, 2009

President Barack Obama's Chef is a Filipina

Who would ever thought that the person who ensures the security and well-being of the stomach of the most powerful man on the planet is a Filipina.

Cristeta Pasia Comerford is US President Barack Obama's Executive Chef. The first woman, the first minority, and the first Filipino to hold that position.

Comerford grew up in Sampaloc, Manila and took up Food Technology at the University of the Philippines-Dilliman. Her studies in U.P. was cut short after her brother's petition for her to go to the US was approved.

In the US, she managed to work as a chef in Chicago's Sheraton and Hyatt Regency Hotels. She later worked at the Le Grande Bistro at the Westin Hotel and at the Ana Hotel's The Colonnade.

She was hired as assistant chef in 1995 by White House executive chef Walter Scheib. After Scheib's resignation in 2005, First Lady Laura Bush took her in as his replacement.

When President Barack Obama became president, Comerford retained her position as White House Executive Chef.

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