Monday, October 19, 2009

Buying Philippine Stamps Online

There used to be a time when stamp collectors had a hard time finding the stamps to add to their collections.

With the advent of the internet, things became easier. With just a click of a finger, one can already buy stamps or things right at the comfort of one's home.

The most popular and safest venue to shop online is Ebay. Books, collectibles, computers, toys, stamps and furnitures are just some of the things one can buy. I have bought a lot of Philippine stamps and Star Wars items there and I never had a problem receiving them.

There was only one instance when I bought some miniature figures for my HO scale mini city from a Hong Kong buyer and the items did not arrive. I believe it might have been lost in transit so I informed them about it. Immediately thereafter, they shipped a similar item and this time, I got it. You can call me one of Ebay's satisfied customers.

Among my favorite Philippine stamp sellers in Ebay is Henry Chua. He goes by the name "Stamp Addict" and has lots of cool stamps in his site. Henry is also a lifetime member of Cebu Stamp Club, Incorporated. Start checking his site for the missing stamps in your collection.

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