Monday, April 28, 2014

Today in Philippine History: Aguinaldo's Men Arrest Andres Bonifacio

APRIL 28, 1897
Col. Agapito “Yntong” Bonzon and Maj. Jose Ignacio Paua, Emilio Aguinaldo’s brother -in-law carried out an order to arrest Andres Bonifacio after he refused to recognize Aguinaldo’s new government on charges of treason and sedition. In Barrio Limbon, Yntong’s men fired at Bonifacio’s soldiers killing Ciriaco Bonifacio. The Supremo’s men were disarmed and Bonifacio was shot and wounded by Bonzon while Paua stabbed him on the neck. They then arrested him and brother Procopio. Some accounts say Yntong also raped his wife Gregorio de Jesus.

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