Monday, February 18, 2013

Cebu Stamp Club's February 2013 Meetup

Once again, Cebu Stamp Club members gather for the February 17, 2013 stamp meetup at Eyan Yu's house in Talamban, Cebu City. 

We have held our meetings in his house for quite a number of times in the past and he never ceases to amaze us with what he has to show and offer. He has come up with a very nice stamp and coin collection since the last time we were in his place. The food that he cooks are delicious!

Dinah and Steve Potolin were the early birds who brought along an album of their latest collection. I came on time with my son Jerald Kervin bringing along my 2011 complete Philippine mint stamp collection and the Japanese Occupation mint album.

Aileen Liwat, Marvin Bonjoc (who gave us some mint definitives featuring fishes from the Philippine Marine Biodiversity issues), Janus Barinan and Julia Daven came on time too. Club Secretary Sharee Ann Trapa called us asking to be excused as she has to attend to a family gathering in an out-of-town location. We miss though the presence of Kenneth and Gina Turner, Edmund Gruenbaum and Richard Guimbarda who are the meetup regulars.

Freebies featuring packets of Denmark stamps were shared to everyone, Philippine stamp news and info were discussed that got everyone interested. We talked about our collections too. As always, our meetups continue to be fun and interesting. After the meeting, we drove together to a store located several blocks away from Eyan's place in search of interesting items from Japan. Although their Japanese postcards were all sold out, Eyan and Aileen managed to purchase Japanese ceramic items that are collectors items.   

More of our latest meetup photos in our official Facebook page. Click here to view them.

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