Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Proud Dad I Am!

Today is card distribution day and the Parents' Council board meeting at the Colegio dela Inmaculada Concepcion - Mandaue.

Earlier this school year, the parents of more than 2,000 kids gave their full support by electing me as the president of the Parents' Council. My son Jerald Kervin happens to be in grade two.

After I adjourned the board meeting at 12 noon, me and my son decided to have lunch at an eat-all-you-can restaurant in a nearby mall. An hour later, we went back to the school to get his report card. As usual, the class adviser was all smiles and gave a very nice feedback on his progress. She then handed the card and told me that once again my kid is top 1 in class. She led me to the blackboard where I was shown the names of the top 10.

Seeing my son's name leading the rest once again made me proud even more. I really have to give my thumbs up to him knowing that after studying his lessons, he spends a lot of his time playing and making videos with his lego toys and uploading them to YouTube. I see a genius film maker on the rise! 

It's a wonderful feeling to be a dad with a son like him and I thank God for this blessing!

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