Thursday, April 2, 2015

8 Churches Visitation 2015

Me and my son, Jerald Kervin woke up early for our traditional visit to different churches here in Cebu City where we offer our prayers and intentions while at the same time take the time to enjoy each others company.

Traditionally, the Visita Iglesias or Church Visitation requires seven churches but I kinda like the 8 which is the symbol of infinity. So at 10:00 in the morning, I started the car and proceeded to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church then to The Alliance of Two Hearts Parish. 

Church # 1 Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Church # 2 The Alliance of Two Hearts Parish

As it was almost lunchtime, we decided to drop by at a nearby fast food restaurant. After a sumptuous lunch of Fish Escabeche, Vegetables, Pansit and some soup, we then went to the Sacred Heart Parish (Church # 3), the church where I received my first Holy Communion when I was seven years old, then we went to the nearby Archbishop's Palace where the San Pedro Calungsod Shrine (Church # 4) is located.

Church # 3 Sacred Heart Parish
Church # 4 San Pedro Calungsod Shrine

These past years, we made it a point to visit Cebu's main churches so we went to the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral (Church # 4), the church where I was baptized, and the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño (Church # 6).

Church # 5 Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Church # 6 Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

With two more to go, we agreed to go to the churches where we usually hear Mass on Sundays. These were the St. Joseph Parish or the Mabolo Church (Church # 7) and the San Roque Parish Church (Churh # 8).

Our day's spiritual commitment was over by 2:00 pm so we drove home happy and fulfilled.  

Church # 7 St. Joseph Parish (Mabolo Church)
Church # 8 San Roque Parish

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