Monday, February 24, 2014

Watching Margo Frasco's Natividad at SM

It was an exciting evening as me and son Jerald Kervin went to SM Cinema 1 here in Cebu. We arrived before 7pm to support my niece Ansel Eve Baz Ancajas who plays the role of Fatima in Stage Left Productions' Natividad. 

The story of Natividad takes place in the household of the Natividad family where everyone regroups for their mother's birthday. The relationship of the family members is put to the test when the eldest son Miguel, a political rebel comes back home leading to the disgust of his father the governor of the town. Turmoil and anguish grips the family as the story progresses.  

It was all wows for me and the audience for the superb performances of the cast, the great set design, superb choice of music and nice costume design. 

Bravo and thumbs up to producer and director Margarita Domingo Frasco. The play was indeed worth our time and we are looking forward to seeing more of these presentations from Director Margo. 

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