Monday, February 21, 2011

The February 2011 Stamp Meetup Goes North of Cebu

It was decided during the January meeting at my house that the February 20, 2011 stamp meetup of Cebu Stamp Club be held at the house of Kenneth and Gina Turner in Catmon, Cebu.

The town of Catmon situated north of Cebu is about 57 kilometers away from the city.

CSCI Stampers converged at my residence at 9:00 in the morning and proceeded to Danao City’s Gaisano Capital Mall where Gina Turner met the group.

From Danao City it took us 15 minutes to reach Catmon and were in time for lunch where Kenneth Turner welcomed everyone to their 2.8 hectare place. True to their word, Gina’s lechon (roasted pig) was the highlight for lunch.

Me and my son Jerald Kervin, Ricky Teves, Eyan Yu, Richard Guimbarda, Ralph Ordiz, William Tampus, Edmund Gruenbaum and Denden Ibale enjoyed the delicious food prepared by the generous hosts.

Soon after, Ken took out boxes full of thousands of worldwide stamps on envelopes. The stampers wasted no time in checking out the stamps. The group didn’t mind the passing hours as they were engrossed in sorting out the stamps of their choice to take home. At exactly 4:00 pm, everyone said their thanks and goodbyes to the Turner couple. What a meetup!

See more photos of the meetup at the Cebu Stampclub facebook account.

The March 19, 2011 meetup will be a party at the privately owned Borromeo Beach Resort in Cansojong, Talisay City.

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