Saturday, January 2, 2010

South Africa's 3D Dinosaurs Stamps

Among my favorite collections is that of dinosaurs on stamps which I handed over recently to my son Jerald Kervin who has a penchant for anything dinosaurs. The latest news about another technological first in the world of stamps got me excited.

On November 2, 2009, South Africa came out with a set of ten dinosaur stamps with a 3D effect using anaglyphs. The South African Post website says that "an anaglyph is a stereo image that requires special glasses with red and green (or blue) lenses for 3D viewing. To achieve the effect, two views of a picture are printed in two colours, usually red for the left eye and blue or green for the right eye."

They called the stamps as 3D Dinosaur Stamps: Where Pre-history Meets Modern Technology. Visit their site and see the 3D animation effect by clicking here. Just move the mouse cursor on the dinosaur image once you are there.

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