Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Sherlock Holmes Movie and Stamps

Fans of Sherlock Holmes, a legendary detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Boyle are in for a treat this month with the release of the Sherlock Holmes movie and Guerney Post' Sherlock Holmes stamps.

The movie directed by Guy Ritchie is now a box office smash after grossing $24.9 million on Christmas day.

Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes while Jude Law is his sidekick named Watson.

Here is the story of the movie:
Detective Sherlock Holmes, the most brilliant investigative mind in all of England together with his pragmatic and trusted colleague named Watson must stop a malicious mastermind who sets in motion a plan that could threaten England's future. Holmes and Watson must not only show off their mental prowess, but also roll up their sleeves and throw a few punches to save the day.

Meanwhile Guernsey Post adds a new twist to the character with the issuance of the stamps celebrating the 150th anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Boyle.

The postal authorities commissioned Keith Robinson, an illustrator and animator, to do the design of the stamps who suggested that a new plot has to made to enliven the commemorative issue.

Guernsey Post decided to sponsor the writing of a new mystery story called Sherlock Holmes and the Curious Case of the Alderney Bull.

Click here to read more on the Guernsey Post' Sherlock Holmes stamps. Open this link to view the movie trailer

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